Neal Augenstein

5 must-have apps for #iphonereporting

In Uncategorized on July 30, 2013 at 8:03 pm

Having the right tool is important for any job — especially if most of your work is done on mobile devices.

One benefit of #iphonereporting: experimenting with apps is far cheaper than purchasing hardware, as you explore ways of doing your job faster and better.

Here are my current 5 must-have apps

1. Voddio
Multi-track recorder/editor for audio and video. Workflow designed by a journalist, Voddio facilitates down-and-dirty or intricate field reports.
Cost: Free with $9.99 sharing unlock

2. SoundCloud
In-app recorder and ability to upload larger audio files, including fully-produced reports produced with other editing apps.
Cost: Free

3. Twitter
In addition to 140 characters of text, Twitter’s mobile app supports quick sharing of links, including SoundCloud and YouTube URLs and photos.
Cost: Free

4. Camera+
In a breaking news situation, a reporter doesn’t have time to fumble for an app with which to snap a photograph. After taking a picture with iPhone’s built-in camera, Camera+’s presets offer several exposure tweaks before quick transmission.
Cost: $1.99

5. YouTube
Most video editing applications support one-touch uploads to YouTube, and easy sharing on all social media.
Cost: Free

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