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How to post a Voddio report to audioBoom

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It’s official:  audioBoom replaces SoundCloud in my must-have #iphonereporting apps.

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There was only one #iphonereporting function that was keeping SoundCloud’s mobile app on my phone — the ability to upload and share a fully-produced report that I’d edited in Vericorder’s Voddio app.

After SoundCloud’s decision to make it nearly impossible to create and share mobile content simply, I went looking for a replacement app for the times a reporter has to provide a series of multi-media posts, using only a mobile device.

An example might be twice-hourly reports from a protest, where the reporter’s voice and natural sound can paint a vivid picture.

I’ve been very impressed by audioBoom, which used to be known as Audioboo.

audioBoom does all the things that a reporter with SoundCloud used to be able to do: record a basic voicer in-app, trim front and back, add a photo, and share quickly.

One problem — audioBoom’s app doesn’t have a way to upload audio from other apps.

Yet, it turns out audioBoom has an excellent workaround.

The reporter can post to his or her audioBoom account by emailing the audio file to a specific address, which will post the report to the journalist’s audioBoom account.

It takes a few steps to configure:

Start by sending a blank email to

audioBoom’s Lance Paterson had to help me through the rest of the set-up, because I’d inadvertently set up three accounts (I know, I know….)

After configuring the account once,  and with the Audioboo Submission address in your Contacts, emailing the report to that address will result in it posting to your audioBoom account.

Once it’s posted in the account, sharing by Twitter, Facebook, and email is easy.

It’d be great if audioBoom could contact Vericorder to make posting a one-touch snap — hint, hint.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Amazon Fire records audio better than iPhone 5

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The new Amazon Fire isn’t ready to replace the Apple iPhone in my #iphonereporting bag of tricks, but audio recorded in the built-in microphone of the Fire surpasses the iPhone 5.

In a basic A-B test, the Fire sounds richer than the iPhone.

The Fire does not have a built-in audio recording app (like VoiceMemo for iPhone) so I used the free Easy Voice Recorder app on the Fire and Voddio on the iPhone.


The Amazon Fire is only available on AT&T, which provided me a device to test.

Earlier, I found the Samsung S5 sounds better than the iPhone, and I’d give the edge to the S5 over Fire, too.

Unfortunately, since I still haven’t found an intuitive Android multi-track editing app for Fire’s operating system it would be difficult to do a fully-produced report in the field.

Let me know what you think.

Tweeting audio for PIOs with AudioBoo

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AudioBoo is my new choice for instances in the field where it’s necessary to record audio, do a quick trim front and back, add a photo, and share.

SoundCloud used to fill that role, but its recent decision to make its mobile app a “listening and discovery” app removed the ability to record audio in the app.

Now, my only use for SoundCloud is to share fully-produced reports edited on Voddio.

Here’s my earlier post describing why tweeting audio is such a valuable tool for public information officers and public relations professionals.

This is how an AudioBoo post can be embedded into a website.

Let me know if you have any questions.







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